Welcome to Women in Need, located in historic Chestertown, MD.

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(410) 778-5999


106 Philosophers Terrace      Chestertown, MD 21620


Mon-Weds Closed     
Thurs-Fri 10am–6pm
Sat 10am–4pm
Sun Closed

WIN staff from left to right: Jim Sottnick, Cheryl Hurt, Yvonne Arrowood, and Karen Dionisio.

WIN staff from left to right: Jim Sottnick, Cheryl Hurt, Yvonne Arrowood, and Karen Dionisio.


About us

The Win Thrift Store opened it’s doors in May of 2002, accepting donations to fund the programs of Women In Need, a 501 (c) 3-non-profit organization. 

Donations are received during regular business hours (except in inclement weather). All donations must be received NO LATER THAN ONE HOUR BEFORE CLOSING, please bring items to the back of the store. Please call ahead to make sure we are able to process your donation.

Important: Never leave items when the store is closed.


  • Clothes, Shoes

  • Building Materials

  • Flammable Liquids

  • Ripped, Torn or Stained Furniture

  • Metal Desks

  • Books

  • Used Tires

  • Out of Season Items

  • VHS Tapes

  • Computers

  • Analog Television Sets

  • Scanners

  • Printers

  • Console Televisions & Stereo's

  • Please limit household items to 2 boxes per vehicle per day


Furniture, antiques, vintage items, collectibles, glassware, jewelry, and much more. Some of our special finds are available for purchase online and can be shipped or picked up locally. Check out these very special items!

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You name it, We got it



Thrift stores help meet the community’s need for affordable household items, supports local recycling efforts and reduces landfill waste. 


Reduce. Re-use. Recycle.


Good for your community

  • WIN helps individual families with these programs:

    • Education Scholarships, Business Empowerment Programming, Grants to local organizations.

  • Over 95% our funding comes from thrift store sales.

  • Thrift store shopping - good for your community.

Good for the environment

  • Reduce, Re-use, Recycle. By donating and shopping at your local thrift store, you reduce total landfill waste by re-using items that are still in good working condition.

  • Thrift store shopping, recycling at its best - good for the environment.

Good for you

  • Why spend more, items in good condition for less!

  • Thrift store shopping saves money - good for you.

Recycling, Supporting local families, Saving money - Good for you!